Parents of students who are being

Parents of homeschooled students have their "hands full" addressing the challenges of teaching mathematics, science, social studies, language and other subjects in the curriculum. The Virtual College Counseling Center™ recognizes the demands placed on home school parents and contains information, tools and resources that will aid in helping their son or daughter make the transition from home school-to-college and home school-to-career.

This up-to-date and tech friendly tool is just what the home school parent needs to respond to the career and college guidance needs of their son or daughter.

As a subscribing member of the Virtual College Counseling Center,™ you’ll receive private access to exclusive and valuable resources, including:

Online resource created by Dr. Hartman exclusively for parents of college-bound students

The Virtual Guidance Department™ gives parents 24/7 access to the single, most comprehensive online resource for help parents help their child with:

  • Creating An Academic Plan for College from Middle School to High School
  • Applying to Colleges (testing, essays, visits, narrowing the list, etc.)
  • Saving and Locating Money for College
  • Scoring Well on the SAT and ACT
  • Using the Web to Research Colleges-locating official and "unofficial" information
  • Managing Homework and Classroom Assignments


  • Dozens of articles
  • 20 Critical Video Learning Tips
  • Hundreds of Valuable Web Links
  • English and Spanish Content

Everything a parent needs to know arriving via email every month

Dr. Hartman's eNewsletter is filled with insider's advice on what parents and students should be doing each month to successfully navigate the school-to-college transition.  You’ll receive proven strategies that promote career awareness, exploration and decision-making, as well as tips that will make admission and financial aid application process more "doable".

Also included will be a calendar of tasks the student and parent should be doing at every step in the transition. Finally, Dr. Hartman’s  eNewsletter will provide links to valuable web sites and related resources.

Ongoing opportunities to interact with college admission and financial aid experts

Subscribers to the VCCC will have the unique opportunity to participate in regularly, live webinars where experts from the worlds of admission and financial aid will offer their advice on how students can make the most of the process.

Log on in the comfort of your home or office and get information about colleges and careers that is not available anywhere else on the Internet.

VCCC members will have the opportunity to ask questions, present issues and problems and get immediate feedback. All you need is a computer and a high speed Internet connection.