Private Label CD

Dancat Communications will design, build, and duplicate a customized Parent CD for your school or organization, combining our high-acclaimed content (articles, links, videos, etc.) with your logo and your important documents and information?. including a video introduction from your superintendent or president.

You simply e-mail us your documents (guidance forms, calendar, newsletter, student assignments, listing of local-state websites, etc.) and we’ll deliver your customized CDs in less than six weeks, including:

  • Dozens of articles on improving study skills, selecting a college, securing financial aid, and developing an academic path to college
  • 20 network quality video lessons on everything from homework strategies to saving for college
  • Hundreds of links to the best education websites-including many you've never heard about
  • An extensive 100-plus Q/A section addressing the most common-and most critical-questions regarding college planning and much more!

NO MESSY DOWNLOADS. This self-contained CD gives your parents and students everything they need at their fingertips. No need to download and install additional software.

NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED FOR ESSENTIAL INFORMATION. No need to depend on an Internet connection to get to most of the valuable information in the CD. This is a real benefit for users with slower or often busy dial-up connections. Only linked web sites require an Internet connection.


Parents and students lead busy lives, and don’t have time (or a high speed Internet connection) to surf the web looking for helpful (and legitimate) information to help with planning and paying for college. By providing them with YOUR customized CD, you’re supplying the information they need, promoting your department or organization, and supporting compliance with No Child Left Behind.

Please contact us for pricing information.